Thursday 5 May 2011

Paris Draw-a-thon 2011

Hey hey!

In a break from tradition I'm going to be putting the images I'm uploading below instead of above, as I feel you need a warning beforehand - there's quite a lot. These aren't even all of them, just a small selection of pieces that I liked.
I considered posting them over a period of time but a. I'd probably forget, and b. you'd inevitably get bored of "Here's another Paris post!"
I've deliberately left out the bright pink Notre Dame I did (nobody needs to see that - I think the sun had got to me) but otherwise I'm pretty pleased with the work! I really enjoyed getting back to working on coloured paper and only being able to work very immediately - no computer access! I also really liked the hazy pastels that kept creeping into stuff; I definitely want to use that more.

Anyway! Here's to it...

So! Hope you liked some of them! Words cannot express how wonderful it was just to spend four days drawing. Any comments/opinions always welcome - they make me happy in my soul!

Till next time...

See you later!



  1. Good job! I wish I had the nerve to draw on location, I always seem to get distracted by anything else, so I don't even try anymore!:) But this is really nice stuff you've got here, go Hannah!