Thursday 1 November 2018

Christmas cards 2018

Hello my lovely loves!

It's time for this years Christmas cards to go on sale! This year there are two designs, one for cat lovers, and one for dog lovers. Or for those that loves both... both!

The dog one is my own spin on the "Dachshund through the snow" pun (man, I love puns), and the cat one is a play on the christmas folklore, Krampus - or Krampuss! (I told you I love puns.)

Those eagle-eyed viewers among you may notice a familiar model has been used for one of them...

Cards are A6 this year, are blank inside, and as usual I'll be giving 10% of the profits from the cards to Crisis. Because no one should be homeless, especially not at Christmas.

There'll also be free UK shipping on cards from now on, and discounted shipping for international customers!

Head here to my Etsy shop to get buying!