Tuesday 31 December 2019

Music and Lyrics

Hello my lovely loves,

I wanted to show you a little commission I took on to create a typographic print of lyrics as a Christmas present. It was for a fellow Spoonie, so that's always a lovely thing.
From sketch to completion, here's some lyrics of Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen.

Monday 28 October 2019

Build-your-own Christmas cards!

Hello my lovely loves!

It's that time again! And this year I'm particularly proud of my cards, because I've created a card/craft kit hybrid. I always struggle if either I want to give a gift but can't afford it, if someone is in that grey area between card or gift recipient, or if they live abroad and sending a full gift is hella expensive.
So... craft kit cards!

The two designs allow you to send a flat A5 card to your recipient, and then they're able to cut out and create 3D models of either a gingerbread house or a Christmassy carousel!

The inside of the cards have instructions (and directions to find YouTube tutorials I've created, if preferred) and decorated space for your message.

The back of the card is also a backdrop to your little models - and making it won't destroy your message!

Cards are available on my Etsy shop here, and you can check out the video tutorials here (gingerbread house) and here (carousel).

The cards are available in singles, six packs and ten packs, but the gingerbread house ones are more limited than the carousel so they're not available in multipacks on their own, only in mixed design packs contains both designs.

As ever, 10% of the profits of the cards will be going to Crisis at Christmas, to give much needed support to the homeless.

I hope you like them as much as I do!


Tuesday 30 April 2019


Hello my lovely loves!

I've been keep up with Game of Thrones this season and OMG, I'm enjoying it so much. I won't say much about what's been happening but event made me think of the amazing Syrio Forel, and I realised I'd never actually shared the finished image I did of him.

So here he is.


Saturday 19 January 2019

Geeky Family Portrait or The Legend of Zeldaura!

Hello my lovely loves,

Today there's a bit of a throwback piece, because I completely forgot I hadn't shown it anywhere.
It was made for my good friend, Josh, and his lovely girlfriend, Laura, as a present for her, so after completing it in secret it just got stowed away in my files and forgotten about.

I took some liberty with the costumes, especially for Laura's Zelda, because no one can properly kick arse on a regular basis in a floor length gown, or with vital areas open to the air.

But behold! The Legend of Zeldaura!