Wednesday 31 August 2011

Nightmares at the Museum of Childhood

Hey hey!

So I went to the Museum of Childhood down at Bethnal Green today with fellow illustrator Shannon Taylor (Ingraham as was - ch-ch-check it - where they have their current "Stuff of Nightmares" exhibition on. At first you think it's kind of funny with its mismatched dolls and papier mache trees and ravens, but if you sit there for a long time with all these creepy misshapen toys staring at you while the eerie woodsy sounds play it actually makes you feel a bit weirded out.
Kudos to the V&A: they actually managed to get me to draw something vaguely tense and foreboding instead of colour-happy-joy-joy.
Hats off also to all the parents not afraid to risk the screaming of their children. Although there's a distinct possibility that all parents loose all ability to react to loud noises. The ones today certainly seemed unconcerned at the din of what felt like several hundred kids in one large, but confined, space.

Anyways, see you soon!


Sunday 21 August 2011

Work In Progress - Henry VIII

Hey hey lovely people!

Here's the sneaky peek I promised you into the work I'm doing for my MA project! This jaunty Henry is going to be part of M's page. Yeah, you guessed it... Matrimony! Definitely his favourite thing.
I wanted to wait until the page is done but every time I look at him I giggle a little bit so I had to share it with you.

Enjoy! And see you soon!


Monday 15 August 2011

One Hundred Years of Solitude

Hey hey!

Here's the piece I entered into the Penguin Design Award this past year! I'm really pleased with the outcome - this one was a lot of fun to do! I didn't get shortlisted but I'm pretty much just planning to continue entering until I do (Take note Penguin, you're not getting rid of me that easily!).

Anyway! Been beavering away on my MA project and i'm planning to give you guys some sneaky peeks into the soon.

See you later!


Tuesday 2 August 2011

I like to move it (move it)

Here's a little selection of one of the many things I've been doing recently. It's actually pretty nice for my atrocious lack of updates to be because I've been legitimately busy.
Because some of those things are for clients and are yet to be published, I can't actually show you those, but here's a little side project that I had going on for a little numbers books with dancing animals.
There's actually a whole story about dancing animals that this came from, but I won't go into that. For now, here's a Charleston-doing crocodile, some Tango-ing tigers and some rhinos doing the robot.

Hells yeah.