Saturday 21 May 2011


Hey hey!

So here's a little piece I've done that started as a doodle and just kind... grew. For me she ended up being how I always imagined the magic mirror in Snow White; a character I always felt a little bit sorry for. She doesn't too happy about the whole situation either, but then again, neither would you if you were forced to help evil queens on a crazy rampage of attempted heart-eating and apple-poisoning. Bless 'er.

A little angst is good, but hopefully my next piece will be a little more cheery.

See you then!



  1. I assumed this was a bloke, as there's something very masculine about the nose. But now I look at it more closely, the eyes and lips are quite feminine. It is how I picture Zeus, a kind of androgynous pretty boy. A catwalk model with too much power. Maybe I'm reading too much into things?

  2. Thanks Martushka! Flowy hair makes me happy.

    And Leanne: A catwalk model with too much power?! Please write a story about this. This is actually a lady, but she's meant to be quite androgynous anyway so that's good. The straight nose will always do that.