Friday 28 August 2009

Phantom Barber

A test piece for the lovely people at the Fortean Times, about a phantom barber that crept into people's room at night to cut (and steal) people's hair in the Deep South. It got blamed on a fat 57-year-old chemist. Obviously a very stealthy one.

Anyway hopefully they'll like it. And you do too!


Monday 17 August 2009


Greetings all,

Another piece for you all, which actually took a fairly pivotal place in my degree show. I didn't realise, until an Art Director at a magazine pointed it out, that it wasn't actually on my site.

Here's Peter and the Wolf - a poster for a showing of the amazing animation by Sergei Prokofiev.

Speak to you soon!


Friday 7 August 2009


Just a quick update on happenings...

My meeting with the publishers went well - so watch this space for developments, and its looking like I'll have an agent pretty soon as well, so more updates on that when the process is a bit further along.

Also, my website is having a few changes in the gallery areas. Instead of scrolling through images, it will be based on thumbnails to make everything a bit easier for the viewer and so new work is easy to find. 
Obviously until that's finished, no new work will be going up in that section, so I'll be putting some on the blog just so you know what I'm up to!

One for you here - more character design...
Found a quick sketch of her in my portfolio so I finished her off. She's a pilot, so she's called Amelia. Ink and digital textures.

See you later Illustrators