Friday 21 September 2012

Whatever next?! Hurdy Gurdy!

Hello all!

So the show went really well! And all of us passed our degrees so HOORAAAAAYYY! 
It's not really a shock as everyone was super-fantastic, but I always have the distinct (if a little unrealistic) worry that everyone else will pass with flying colours but my work will burst into flames before it can get marked and I will fail miserably. But I didn't! I passed with Merit. So that's extraordinarily pleasing :)

Naturally now I'm faced with a stream of questions from everyone I know, all boiling down to one thing... What are you going to do now??
It's okay people! I have a plan! In fact, I have several. 
Firstly, I'm going to try and get the 'Alphabet of (In)Humanity' published. I'm not sure which publishers would be a good match as yet but I'm going to get my research going and see what happens. If not, I can always go down the self-publishing route. Let me know if you're interested in getting your hands on one and I will keep you updated.
I also have a few commission deadlines lined up which is lovely, so fingers crossed they'll all go well. I'll also be able to take on new commissions now, which I couldn't before without risking physical exhaustion and severe mental trauma, so maybe I'll get some nice new projects as well as my nice current ones.

And finally! Introducing a new group running art events and illustration workshops that me and some of my fellow illustrators have created... Hurdy Gurdy!
We've just launched our website, and we're of to Poland at the beginning of October to hold an exhibition in Wroclaw and run a week of workshops in partnership with the Edith Stein Society! We're also going with a couple of ace illustrators from Camberwell as well. It's all very exciting. 
To find out more go to...

Speak to you soon!