Monday 18 February 2013

Hurdy Gurdy Project: One Day, One Event, One Illustration

Hey Guys!

Hurdy Gurdy have a new online project - every Monday one of us will do an image about an event in history that happened on that day. 

Mine is today so I present to you the story of Elm Farm Ollie; the first cow to fly in an aircraft on the 18th February 1930! 

They milked her mid flight and parachuted cartons of fresh dairy goodness to the spectators below - no word of a lie.
In homage to Elm Farm Ollie (otherwise known as Sky Queen) here is my very own flying cow. 
I thought after the recent UK horse-instead-of-cow supermarket scandal it was only fair that cows have a bash at the 'mystical flying creature' niche market.

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