Monday 9 November 2009

Shadow Puppets


My mate Catie works as a props mistress for a dramatics society called YAT, who recently did a production of The Labours of Heracles (better known as Hercules).
Being rather weighed down by the making of hydra heads and giant skeletal hands (don't ask) she asked me to come up with some shadow puppets for part of the play.
So here is Heracles, the Stymphalian Birds, the Erymanthian Boar and the Cerynian Hind. (Background wise: the birds were meant to be impervious to harm and were said to be able to fire their feathers like arrows, the hind belonged to the goddess Artemis and was meant to be the fastest animal alive and the boar... well the boar was just a mahussive boar tbh)

They were recorded in action and projected onto the stage and the whole production was a complete success! Hooray!