Wednesday 11 November 2009

A Little Thank You

About a month ago, for a special treat, two of my friends organised a surprise day for me. They got me all dressed up, took me for dinner and cocktails, and then whisked me off to see Cirkus Cirkor; this travelling Swedish circus show.
It was pretty amazing, and a fantastic day all round, so I decided to make my friends some thank-you notes. (this is something that got drummed into me from an early age, my mum used to give me thankyou note sets in my christmas stocking)

Anyway, here is one of the thankyou notes i did in cut paper; I always think your feelings are expressed more sincerely when there's a risk of serious scalpel-based injury. I've had to wait until they got them, which is why it's taken so long to post... but tada!



  1. wow i like papercutting! and you did this one very well ^_^

  2. thanks! Yeah, I'm quite pleased with this one, especially my tracing paper spotlights.