Tuesday 3 October 2023

Super Pedestrian Deep Dive

 I've done quite a bit of work with the e-scooter company Super Pedestrian over the last few years and I wanted to take a bit of a closer look into my process and how things go from sketch to final product.

Sometimes it's very simple. This piece for example went from sketch, to ink, to final with very little alteration...

The only thing that needed changing here was to lower the speed of the granny. I changed up her nose a bit, but otherwise, even her outfit is the same.

Often even if the sketch isn't exactly right, most or all of the components of the final will be present.

The pose of the trainer I ended up using is on the left of the first drawing, and his face is just visible at the bottom of the image.

Sometimes minor pose changes are needed, like this sketch to final...

We thought that extra arm movement really gave the right "after you" vibe.

Occasionally it'll be decided that a character isn't what we're going for and they'll be swapped out.
I really liked this policeman, but we thought with the other images made alongside this one a woman would work better.

The drunk guy hasn't changed at all, as you can see here.

A similar thing happened with this piece but we swapped the woman for a man. You can also get an idea of what my thumbnail sketches look like. I use these to explain very (very) rough layouts and ideas to clients.

I did try to find the reference photo I took of me grabbing at my own face, but I'm afraid it's been lost to the mists of time.

I'll often try a couple of layout ideas before fixing on one, and if there's some part I like but it's not completely right I'll keep it in the back of my mind.

Here I liked the swoop with space left for slideshow questions but it worked better with the characters coming towards the viewer rather than away...

Sometimes aspects of an image can even be used in multiple layouts. That's a nice thing about working semi-digitally like I do.

This piece was for Pride.

The drag queens were drawn separately.

This meant with a little rearrangement (and swapping two outfit colours) I was able to get a secondary layout.

I hope you've enjoyed a bit of a closer look into how my work is created! Here are a last few images I've created for Super Pedestrian...

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