Monday 24 December 2012

Christmas tomorrow!


Secondly, I'm glad to say my event at the Apple Store went very well, but unfortunately not long after I got rather atrociously ill, and have been ever since. So I've been taking some time off from everything (including posting!) to get some much needed rest and relaxation and slowly claw myself back to the realms of the living.
It's going slowly, but it is going, so hooray! I'm sure soon I shall be annoying the hell out of you with post after post.

And thirdly - I hope you enjoy my array of Christmassy imagery for you! Me and the Hurdy Gurdy group have not only designed a set of Christmas cards (mine's the boy with the presents), but also done an amazing Christmas Countdown, with an advent calendar full of lovely pictures.
You can see the whole countdown, along with our latest workshop at the Museum of London (making gladiator sandals) at

Aaand if you want to see more about our Polish exploits then pop on over to

See you soon! And have fun eating more than your own bodyweight in extremely rich and wonderful foods!


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  1. Merry Christmas! Your designs are lovely! I would totally buy these next year if they were Christmas Cards! Especially the Moustache Tree! -x-