Tuesday 1 May 2012

Live Draw!

Evenin' all!

It's all been a bit horribly hectic with deadlines recently but I managed to get involved in a live drawing session over in south-west London not too long ago hosted by a friend of mine, Sam Baker, who asked for some illustrators to work during a video and sound installation he created.
The lovely Sara Taghdimi and I managed to created a fabric mural in just under 45 minutes to a mash up of Pink Floyd, 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Wizard of Oz.
As you can expect the result was a bit random, but it was really interesting to react to the music and accompanying visuals that immediately.

More posts to come soon (hopefully!)

See you!



  1. Great Mural! The restrictive colour pallet, combined with the lighting creates such an interesting effect.

    Do you think the music/environment inspired you to work in a way you wouldn't normally? Did it heighten your creativity or distract you from it? Were you being observed when you were drawing and how did this affect you?

  2. Thanks very much! We decided to keep it black and white because of the effect of lights so glad that worked out :)

    And I think it helps actually. I don't really worry about drawing in front of other people anymore (studio spaces are good like that) and if anything you get freer.
    And the music meant you were almost focussing on that first and the visuals as a reaction which is cool.