Monday 30 January 2012

Mo' Commissions

Hello again!

So here's a few more of the backlog of pieces for a Children's text book over in Ireland. I've got some more pieces for kids text books lined up for a pretty big publisher here in Blighty that should be pretty exciting, but I won't give too much away on that score - not sure how much I can.

I also handed in all my work to be assessed for my MA today. It's the first of the two big assessments, and while I shouldn't worry about it, it's actually pretty nerve-racking. Partially because I've put everything I've done in the last 15 months in there, but mostly because I've had to leave all my lovely, lovely sketchbooks somewhere other than my room or my handbag. Weird.

I kept a new one back just for the occasion though. Couldn't face going cold turkey.

See you soon!


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