Wednesday 19 October 2011

So yeah. I made this.

In the slightly odd place now where I want to show you guys this, because it's something I made and enjoyed making but I'm also slightly embarrassed about it coz the whole idea was a bit... nice. And for some reason I, in all my Britishness, go all pink when people catch me being sweet and mushy.
But anyway.
I made this book for my friend Shannon (who has appeared several times throughout this blog and is, as i have mentioned, the awesome artist of because she went back to America this autumn (...fall... whatever.) to get married. And as San Francisco is quite far from London, and she's left a lot of friends behind, I thought it'd be nice if she could have a book of all their wishes for her on her wedding day. (Although apparently her mum gave it to her the day before so she wouldn't cry all over her dress.)
Thanks to all who were in on the secret and wrote in the book and special props to Mamma Ingraham for being super-sneaky-awesome about the whole thing.

Enjoy... and I promise to upload something grittier next time lol.

See you soon


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