Wednesday 13 April 2011

My Lovely New Business Cards

Hello again!

Here are my lovely new business cards that I'm really excited about!
Basically I wanted to have two options card-wise, so I could give out ones with or without my full contact details, depending on the situation. So I've introduced these, mini-cards that have just my name and my website for general promotion purposes, and then the full business cards with everything on them.
I'm also changing my website name from to, just because of the sheer amount of time that explanation took in a conversation about my work.
The website itself is undergoing some pretty hefty changes as well, to streamline everything and make it quicker, so I'll keep you posted as to how that's going.

If you want any details about any of the artwork, let me know!

See you soon!


1 comment:

  1. These are lovely, I particularly like the tiger! I have named him George in my mind.