Monday 7 June 2010

3x3 Pro Show

Ok, so I'm a terrible, terrible person that doesn't update nearly enough... but on the bright side I'm a terrible, terrible person that got into the 3x3 Pro Show 2010!

I looove 3x3 mag. I drool over it everytime I go into a proper book shop and now I'm actually going to be in it! Win. I entered my Peter and the Wolf piece into the unpublished category and the magazine comes out in the autumn. Or 'fall'. You get the idea.

Here's the link that lists me...


Oo. And I'll be posting a lot of the work I've being doing for Bright thats been keeping me busy.

Honest! In fact, here's a piece now, of some ever-so-snooty horses. Drawing snooty animals is one of my favourite things.

See you soon


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  1. I think snooty animals are the best type of animals too :D