Monday, 7 October 2013

Shirts and shows!

Hello again! The show with the lovely Hurdy Gurdies has gone down a treat with everyone so far, and is open until 5pm on the 9th Oct, so there's still a little time for you to head on down and see it if you haven't already.
In the interim I've been making illustration-themed presents again (I do love making presents) and this one is a b-movie poster t-shirt design. Which, as you can imagine, was incredibly fun to make. T-shirt design is always something I've wanted to have a go at and doing this has definitely made me want to do more. I'll guess you'll have to watch this space!



  1. Do you do present commissions? I want me a T shirt! Seriously though, it's such a cool design. Go team Hannah! -x-

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